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  • aquila ring


    The AQUILA ring is a hand crafted, adjustable band featuring a circular setting that joins with a solid ball.

    Available in:

    • Silver (sterling silver)
  • areca triple ring


    The ARECA ring is a hand crafted 3 piece stacking set.

    Available in:

    • Silver (sterling silver)
    • Gold (24c filled)
  • columba earrings


    The COLUMBA earrings are hand crafted flat circular studs, featuring 2 garnet pieces, one smaller and one larger in the centre of a 5mm hoop.

    Available in:

    • rose gold 14ct filling with garnets stones
  • crowned ring


    The CROWNED ring is a hand crafted ring with clusters of semi precious stones. Featuring 5 groupings of 3 stones on a thin band.

    Available in:

    • Gold (24c filled) with cubic zirconia
    • Gold (24c filled) with multi coloured semi precious stones
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    endo necklace


    **Part proceeds donated to endo research**

    Hey babes,

    I’m Claudia, an endometriosis sufferer turned advocate who is super passionate about creating a safe space for Endo Warriors to connect, support one another, share advice, & make each other feel beautiful.

    Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue, similar to the lining of the uterus, is found outside of the uterus, causing inflammation, pain & sometimes infertility. The symptoms are widespread, can be debilitating & affect nearly 200 million worldwide.

    Endo is more common than asthma & diabetes, yet hardly anyone’s heard of it. 

    This has to change.

    Basin & I created ‘The Endo Necklace’ to not only raise awareness for endo, but to have a way for us warriors to connect all over the world. Kinda like our club jackets & a reminder we’re all in this together!

    I kept finding myself wanting to advocate in a different way, but every time I searched for endo awareness pieces, I felt nothing suited my style, was something I would personally wear or was so in your face I’d feel like a walking billboard for illness discussion every minute of the day if I wore it.

    We wanted to create the balance & The Endo Necklace is just that. Minimalist, delicate, generally bomb af & raises awareness at the same time!

    This hand-crafted piece is truly beautiful in its own right & whether you choose 24ct Gold-filled or Sterling Silver, you’ll be able to wear it every day. 

    As a standalone or coupled with your other faves, The Endo Necklace suits every style.


    Available in:

    • Silver (sterling silver)
    • Gold (24ct gold filled)
    • Rose Gold (14ct rose gold filled)
  • lyra ring


    the LYRA ring is a hand crafted, minimal piece that features a solid line design.

    Available in:

    • Silver (sterling silver)
  • orion ring


    the ORION ring is hand crafted pressed sterling silver, with a textured band featuring a 9mm fresh water pearl.

    Available in:

    • Silver (sterling silver)
  • stella necklace


    the STELLA necklace is hand crafted and includes an adjustable clasp, featuring multiple star pendants. 48mm in length, 45mm with a 3mm adjustable chain.

    Available in:

    • Silver (sterling silver)
    • Gold (24 K filled)